We are a church. This means we gather together as a community to support, encourage, and care for one another. 

We are a Christian church. This means that we do our best to follow the important teachings of Jesus who spoke on behalf of the poor, the marginal, the outcasts, and advocated for economic justice for these people. 

We are a progressive Christian Church. This means we read the Bible as an historical and cultural document that doesn't simply have "the answer," but has many possible answers, the truth of which is always a product of our discussion and knowledge. 

We are an open and affirming, progressive Christian Church. This means we welcome all, regardless of sexual identity. 

We are a small and vibrant, open and affirming, progressive Christian Church. This means that you won't be just a number to us, but that you will be sustained in community. 

We are Community Church of Mill Valley (CCMV), which, since 1925, has pursued God's vision of peace, justice and mercy, all the while tolerating multiple viewpoints and uncertainties. Wherever you might be on your journey toward spirit, you are welcome here!