From Under the Redwoods at CCMV

KAYA OAKES: On Religion in Today's America

Sunday, January 28th, 4-5:30pm at the Community Church of Mill Valley

kaya Oakes

kaya Oakes


Kaya Oakes is one of leading journalists on religion in modern America. She is the author of four books, including Slanted and Enchanted: The Evolution of Indie Culture (Henry Holt, 2009); Radical Reinvention: An Unlikely Return to the Catholic Church (Counterpoint Press, 2012); and the The Nones Are Alright: A New Generation of Seekers, Believers, and Those In Between (Orbis Books, 2015). She is also an editor and contributing writer at the website Killing the Buddha and on the editorial advisory board at the website Religion Dispatches.

Kaya was the co-founder and senior editor of the Utne Independent Press award-winning arts and culture magazine Kitchen Sink. Her writing has appeared in The Guardian (UK), Religion News Service, Cross Currents, America Magazine, Commonweal, National Catholic Reporter, and many other publications. Since 1999, she has taught creative nonfiction, literary journalism, research and expository writing at the University of California, Berkeley.

She will be talking to us about her journalism in the field of religion. In addition, she has been writing over the past year about the response of progressive Christianity to the politics of Trump in America, and will share her observations on what's going on across the country.



Adult Conversation: On Paul and the Early Church

Sundays, 9am-10am (prior to worship) (In the Foster Room, first door on left as you enter into courtyard)

Paul and the Early Church

For each Sunday except for Sundays with Board meetings, we will be looking at "Paul and the Early Church". As part of our class, we will be viewing a series of short videos from the great biblical scholar John Dominic Crossan on Paul. Stephen will also be offering material on the state of Judaism in the first century, and how we think the early church developed its identity in relationship to Judaism and the Roman empire. If you are interested in learning more about any of these, please join us! No prior knowledge or experience necessary!!