From Under the Redwoods at CCMV

A Conversation with Author Joyce Maynard

Sunday, March 18, 4-5:30pm at the Community Church of Mill Valley

 Joyce Maynard

Joyce Maynard


JOYCE MAYNARD, a former resident of Mill Valley, is the author of sixteen books including the novels To Die For and Labor Day (both adapted for film) and the bestselling memoir At Home in the World, translated into seventeen languages.  Her essays and have appeared in dozens of publications and numerous collections.

She will be speaking on her latest work, the memoir The Best of Us. It concerns her marriage, at age 59, to Jim Barringer, the “love” she had been looking for her entire life. Just after their one-year anniversary, Jim was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  And nineteen months later, having shared a struggle that consumed both their lives, Joyce lay beside him while he took his last breath. The San Francisco Chronicle writes: “Maynard writes that she would often say, “If only ... you could learn the lessons of cancer without having cancer.” The Best of Us offers those very lessons, reminding readers to let go of superficial concerns and embrace a deeper appreciation for our lives and the people in them.”  Anyone who has heard Joyce speak knows what an engaging presence she brings, and how open she is to her readers. So please join us!

 Admission is free. Donations are appreciated.



Adult Conversation: On Paul and the Early Church

Sundays, 9am-10am (prior to worship)

(In the Foster Room, first door on the left as you enter into courtyard)

Paul and the Early Church

For each Sunday except for Sundays with Board meetings, we will be looking at "Paul and the Early Church". As part of our class, we will be viewing a series of short videos from the great biblical scholar John Dominic Crossan on Paul. Stephen will also be offering material on the state of Judaism in the first century, and how we think the early church developed its identity in relationship to Judaism and the Roman empire. If you are interested in learning more about any of these, please join us! No prior knowledge or experience necessary!!