The Redwoods Retirement Community

Mill Valley Community Church was a prime mover in the visioning and building of The Redwoods. Sensing the need for senior housing in the changing community of Mill Valley back in the 1960s, members of the church took a leading role in planning the community and procuring financing. In 1972, the ten acre campus opened. Today, The Redwoods has become one of the leading communities for seniors in the Bay Area, and offers senior residents myriad activities. The Community Church has maintained a long-standing relationship to the community, and has in the past years provided staff leadership for the weekly Progressive Christianity group, as well as staffing occasional services on Christmas Eve and Ash Wednesday. In addition, several members of the congregation serve on the board of The Redwoods, and several residents of the community are participating members of Community Church.


Homeless Lunch Program

On the first Thursday of each month, CCMV members prepare and serve a hot lunch for people in southern Marin who are hungry and homeless. On average, 24 men and women of varying ages show up to share this meal with us. As they relax and eat our homemade food, it becomes clear that for them this is a time when they reconnect with friends and rebuild social ties frayed by the difficulties of daily life.

The luncheon is held in the dining room at Westminster Presbyterian Church. CCMV has participated in the southern Marin hot lunch program since 1999.


Marin Rotating Emergency Shelter Team

CCMV participates in MarinREST, the emergency shelter program that provides homeless people a hot meal and a safe place to sleep each night during the rainy season, November through April.  Every other month, church members provide food and fellowship for women seeking shelter in San Rafael.  As we serve food, then sit down to eat and converse, we hear their stories of loss. Most have lost their health, husbands or partners, and eventually their jobs and homes. We listen and understand more fully how precarious life is for everyone in this modern, competitive world where families are often far away.  


Hope for African Children

The Keneth Kiyija Task Force of the church arranged for Keneth Kiyija of Uganda to come to the Bay Area for life-saving heart surgery in 2008.  Following his recovery and return to Uganda, we encouraged his founding of Hope for African Children (HAC) to improve the lives of AIDS orphans in his country.  From small beginnings—passing out school supplies and toothbrushes—HAC now provides school uniforms and tuition for scores of village children and promotes family self-sufficiency through animal husbandry and handcraft projects.